Para 40 The IVRA conversion for O/R Brakes


Peter W Jones AMInstP

I would like to draw attention to the efforts of Charles Irving of Preston Lancs who has for  over 30 years endeavoured to improve caravan stability, but in the past has  mainly been  side lined by the Caravan Industry.

The IVRA system depicted in this brochure was tested and approved by the Caravan Club’s experts whose account was published on page 80 of the July 2000 Caravan Club Magaazine. It can just be seen that Charles Irving is named at the end of the brochure and the IVRA system had been developed from Charles Irving’s original design.

In spite of this approval the Managing Director of a  Caravan Group told a large meeting of Caravan Club members (Thistle Hotel, East Midlands Air Port) in February 2004 that he had never been so frightened in his life as when he was given one of these systems to test on the motor way.

However, he failed to tell the meeting whether the person who fitted the system had been trained for this new type of work and whether he himself had been advised by an expert of the different nature of the response compared with over run brakes. The CC, CCC, and the NCC control the quality of the work in a large number of the Caravan Workshops in the UK and training in electrical/electronic braking systems will only be given when the former give approval.

Further on is a Short History of the New ALKO braking system; this short item is an introducton.


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