Lobbying Parliament

Para 34

Lobbying Parliament

Peter W Jones MInstP


I have several times attended at Westminster for the purpose of “Lobbying,” but I was always accompanied by many other affiliated members of the TUC.I have recently come to realise that lobbying by persons who are employed by the “Corporate Sector” is far more effective and I am endeavouring to draw attention to one particular item where the Corporate Sector have made a Scientific Error on the same scale as King Canute. He was reputed to have sat on his throne on a beach with the object of preventing the incoming tide covering the beach. Corporate Sector Lobbyists have clearly managed to convince parliament that however strongly the wind blows, it cannot possibly be of danger to road traffic (even high aspect HGV’s and Caravans.)Accordingly I wrote to Dr Tony Wright MP on this subject and I have printed his reply below... 

(see www.20six.co.uk/roadtrafficaccidents  Section 18b, for details concerning the effect of the wind on road vehicles)



Para 35   Letter from Dr Tony Wright MP 

Dear Mr Jones,

Thanks for your letter.

The subject matter of your letter is of course not within the remit of the Public Administration Select Committee, but it does offer an interesting insight into the role of lobbying. I shall bring it to the attention of the Committee.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Wright

Dr Tony Wright MP (Cannock Chase)

—–Original Message—–
From: peterw****************************
Sent: 07 March 2008 19:18
To: Public Admin Committee
Subject: Committee on lobbying

Peter W Jones MInstP
Consultant for Towed Vehicle Accidents
HGV Trailers, Caravans and Small Trailers Charitable Status to be Applied for


Tony Wright MP
Chair of the Committee on Lobbying

Dear Sir,

Although I have been in receipt of e mails from the HoC on all committees I had over looked the relevance of your work to mine until John Humpreys enlightened me at about 0745 today on Radio 4 News.

I wrote to the Hon Mrs Dunwoody MP in late 2005 concerning the lobbying by the Caravan club ( via two MP’s whose names were at that time listed in “members’ interests” as being paid to lobby by the Caravan club).

The Caravan Club sponsored a considerable amount of research that was carried out by the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Bath University; some of this gave rise to two Phd theses and an Mphil thesis. On the basis of this research Caravan Club officials assured myself and about 120 other CC members present at a meeting at the Thistle Hotel, East Midlands Airport in March 2003 that matters I had reported on concerning caravan instability were quite irrelevant as they had had everything researched at Bath university.
Their long held policies on caravan safety had been proved to be correct.

When I eventually managed to obtain and read these theses I found that the CC were seriously misleading the membership (and possibly the HoC) and since March of 2007 I have had blogs on the web setting out in detail my reasons for this allegation.

Mrs Dunwoody wrote that she would be pleased to consider any report that I wished to make that was within the existing terms of reference of the House of Commons Select Committee on Transport. Accordingly you will find in Hansard for February 2006 a report I wrote concerning Caravan Accident Statistics and the lack of adequate monitoring for wind speed by the Highways Agency (NB It was revealed this last weekend that Network Rail also fail to monitor for wind speed).

I gathered from John Humphreys’ news item that the committee enquiring into lobbying were so alarmed by the fact that firms of lobbyists were specialising in misleading Parliament, (and that some MP’s were
involved,) that they would wish to sweep this item back under the carpet.

Accordingly I am directing this letter via your committee’s press secretary, to emphasise the fact that I shall also be attempting to publish this material.
However, do not be unduly alarmed as the BBC have three times spurned items I have sent them, two having been rejected by BBC Watchdog.

Yours faithfully,

Peter W Jones



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