Peter Jones MInstP
Edit Feb 2011

These statistics are to be read in conjunction with those in Para 44 below and further results for LGV’s in my WMPA blog.

The errors in the compilation of the HGV statistics should be easily understood by GCSE students and it would therefore be appropriate if teachers sought the permission of Head Teachers and Governors to send a representative sample of students’ comments to the West Midlands Police Authority. This type of activity provides a valuable link between school and the real world.

It is to be hoped that the WMPA ( and other police authorities) should in future ask the police to display their accident statistics on line so that students and the public can monitor the situation.

The HGV Industry has been concerned for many years over the safety of Articulated Lorries. This is revealed by the fact that they have had Articulated Lorries researched at Bath University, but not rigid HGV’s towing a trailer ( as far as I am aware).
(Put “The Dynamics of Towed Vehicles Killer CJ 2003” in to Google to see a M Eng project report. Page 9 end of para 2 justifies my above comment, and elsewhere in the same document is a description of the testing of the ALKO caravan/trailer stabiliser which I have previously written about in my blogs)

It can now be seen why we need to have three categories in the accident statistics for HGV’s:- (1) HGV’s (2) Rigid HGV’s towing a trailer and (3) Articulated Lorries.

As the following are recorded in Hansard they will not suddenly vanish.


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